You can choose from these spots for your portrait session.

Kawela Bay (all morning or sunset) Google Maps link
Pros— This beach is the most versatile of all the spots I use for family pictures.  The jungle blocks most of the wind, lots of great backdrops– beach, banyan tree, etc, shady all morning.
Cons— 90 from Waikiki
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Ke iki beach (Sunset only) google maps link
Pros— If you want to shoot at sunset this is the beach for you.  Big, Clean, Pretty.Tons of parking, Great sunset views, Nice waves in the background in winter
Cons— 90 from Waikiki
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Sherwoods beach in Waimanalo (early morning or late afternoon) Google Maps link
Pros— Very pretty sand and water, Easy to park, 45 minute drive from Waikiki.  It’s easily the prettiest place within 45 minutes of Waikiki.
Cons— Can be windy, the sun goes down behind the mountains so if you wan the sunset in the photos this isn’t the beach for you.

Makai Pier (mid day) Google Maps link
Pros—You can shoot there mid day, different look for people who want something unusual, 50 minutes from Waikiki
Cons— Limited parking
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Kualoa Park (early morning or late afternoon) Google maps link
Pick this location if you are more interested in a great mountain backdrop than a beach.
Pros— close to Kaneohe (15 minutes) and Waikiki (45 minutes), Mountain views are amazing.
Cons— can be windy, the beach is quite small.

Papailoa Beach (7-8 am or sunset) Google Maps link
Pros— Closer to the west side. Great for people staying at Koolina (45 minute drive), very secluded and pretty.
Cons— limited parking

Other great spots are Kahana BayMakapuuMalaekahana, Laie point, Pounders beach, Kahuku Point, Lanai Lookout, Halona Blowhole, Yokohama Bay, Makua Bay, Nanakuli beach park.
If you can get up for the sunrise and beat the crowds we can shoot at Waimea bay (jump off the rock), Sandy’s beach.

Places I don’t usually shoot family pictures

Waikiki beach (unless you like some strangers in the frame)
Koolina (way too many people)
Basically anywhere right near a hotel is probably too crowded for my style of photography.  Unless you like all the strangers in the photo.  In that case lets do it!  I am always up for something different.

Crazy ideas for the adventurous

If you like to hike and don’t mind getting dirty I can take you to a waterfall and take your pictures there.  I know of a small waterfall on Oahu that is just a minute from the road. I can also get out my underwater housing and take pictures of your family in the water.  We can hike up to a ridge with an amazing view. If you are looking for something completely different we could head in to Honolulu for some street art.