Hawaii Wedding Photography

I’ve been photographing weddings here in Hawaii since 1998 and I love it. Prices start at $600 for weddings with guests and $500 for elopements.  Click here to book.

Free wedding album when you book 8 hours coverage. 

I never get tired of shooting weddings here in Hawaii. The happiness is definitely contagious. Shooting here in Hawaii is great because the weather is nice all year round. We can shoot all week long here too, because people come from all over the world to have their photos taken here.

I started shooting in the late 90’s. I was in my mid 20’s. I’d love to still be shooting weddings in Hawaii when I am 60 years old.  I love getting outside. How many people can say that their work takes them to the beach 3-4 times a week.

Meeting people from all over the world is a nice perk of the job. I have done weddings and family pictures for couples from Japan, China, Korea, India, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada. Hawaii is a great half way point for couples from different countries. I spent a couple years living in Hokkaido when I was 20 so I’d love to speak Japanese with you if you are from Japan.

When the wedding is over please feel free to look me up and add me on Facebook. Since I’ve been shooting weddings for about 18 years now one of my favorite things is to watch couples as their families grow over the years.