Hawaii Portrait Photography

I can’t think of a better place to have your family pictures taken than on a beach in Hawaii.  Portrait sessions range between $400 for 45 minutes to $650 for 90 minute extended family sessions.  Call/text 808-554-7721 to check availability. Prices/ Frequently asked questions • Click here to book

I’ve been shooting family pictures here in Hawaii since the late 90’s.  It’s a great place to have your family portraits done.  We have good weather all year round.  The beach is the most popular place for a family photo session here but we also have a lot of easily accessible forests and gardens that are also great for a family photo shoot.  I’m used to shooting all sizes of families.  I regularly shoot extended family groups. You can bring multiple families to the beach and we can get a photo of everyone together and then do the individual family groups. I have two options for timing for the shoot– morning or sunset.  The sunset ranges in Hawaii from around 5:45 in the winter to about 7:15 in the summer.  I recommend shooting from 45 minutes for small groups to up to 90 minutes for large multi family groups. As you can probably tell from the portfolio I love to shoot pictures of kids. I grew up in a large family so I am used to lots of small children.

Average Sunset times by month in Hawaii–
Jan-6:10 • Feb-6:30 • Mar-6:40 • Apr-6:50 • May-7:00 • Jun-7:15 • Jul-7:15 • Aug-7:00 • Sep-6:35 • Oct-6:10 • Nov-5:50 • Dec-5:50