Here’s some emails I’ve gotten from my clients. Makes me feel really good. These are basically cut and pasted from the emails. I did edit out some of the details like– “send the discs to 7756 evergreen terrace. . .” but these are basically right out of the email. Thanks again all of you.

Hi Adam,You win! You brought tears to my eyes on several of the pics. Attached is the picture I took of you. ….Thanks for taking care of “my baby.”

I am shaking my head in disbelief—I am truly amazed at your beautiful photography and incredibly grateful you were suggested to us. You gave us the BEST part of our group trip. Thank you so very much!…Wow,

Thank you so much! The pictures look amazing…Monica Wilding

Good evening Adam,
You did an AMAZING job taking pictures. We absolutely love them!!!!
Again Adam, your professionalism and expertise were beyond our expectations, and we would recommend you to anybody!!
Sincerely yours,
Vanessa and Marcell

Well, it was one year ago today and we’re still in awe of your photos. Just got through looking at them all again and watching videos. Thanks again for the wonderful work you did (and the price at which you did it!). We are eternally grateful. Hopefully, Morgan is throwing you some much deserved work. Take care, man. Good luck to you! We hope our paths cross again, sometime.
Jason and Kathleen Watson

The slide show was great!! I played it at our party and everyone loved it- you did an awesome job!
Kimberly Arnesen

Oh, thank you SO much – you don’t know how much this means to me to get to see all of these gorgeous pictures and to now be able to share them with people. They are just amazing and so awesome – you did a tremendous job.
Lucinda Bedogne

Aloha Adam!

Thank you for photography our wedding. All our family and friends enjoyed your company and only have good things to say about you!
Millicent & Arnold

Hey Adam!
We can’t thank you enough for the superb work shooting our wedding. The photos are amazing… they capture every moment of our special day… thank you so very much! We’ve shared your website with our family and friends and the compliments keep rolling in!!
We’ll be in touch! Again, the pictures are absolutely amazing… A BIG MAHALO!!
In friendship,
Ashley and Jim

Aloha Adam,
Thanks so much. The pictures are gorgeous!
Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,
Ellen Chatillon
A Simply Elegant Wedding

They look great man… awesome….

Hey Adam!
Hope you had a great holiday. We meant to thank you a long time ago for the GORGEOUS wedding photos, but I don’t think we got around to it. So, THANKS! We were so happy with how they turned out.

I have just been looking through the pictures one more time and I have to congratulate you. The photos are absolutely fabulous! The day was absolutely perfect (other than the crazy wind). I want to thank you so much for doing a fabulous job. I have a few doubles of pictures – like the garter toss and the photos you took were undeniably wonderful.
What other complimentary words can I use?!
Thank you!!
Robyn Mogelson

hey adam,

i just want to thank you again for your presence at our wedding. You really made us comfortable and we enjoyed the way you got along so well with everyone. your personality is great. You made our wedding something very special to us and we wouldn’t have changed a thing, so thank you for that.
brittnay sears

Hi Adam!! This is Christine (Abby’s sister) Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of my family! You have given us such wonderful memories!!
Thank you

These images are killer!
–chris carling

Hey Adam,
We have received the photos, we love them! You are a fantastic photographer. Thank you for being so flexible and easy-going, also thank you for capturing our day so well. We really enjoyed having you as our photographer and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again for everything.

I am sure that you here this often but damn. I just looked at my brother Rock’s wedding pictures and I thought that you did a great job. I just wanted to let you know that.
I did not just take great images but you also had a great laid back presents that really made things move along like they should have.
Thank you again for doing such a good job for my brother.
Lance Roberg

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THE PHOTOS!! Thank you so much. Love all the fine details and how you really captured the moment. If ANYONE from Maine is ever looking for a photographer I’ll definately tell them to go to Hawaii to find you. Haha. Thanks again.