My favorite lens is my Canon 50mm f1.2. When people talk about lenses they always talk about two things– the focal length and the aperture. The focal length (50mm) determines the angle of view or the magnification of the subject. A 50mm lens sits right in the middle of the range– not much magnification and not a particularly wide field of view. The second part of the lens description is the aperture– in this case f/1.2. The aperture controls the amount of light let in the lens. The smaller the number the more light the lens lets in. Larger apertures also create a smooth blurry background behind the subject in focus. That is actually my favorite part about this lens. It’s very flattering for portraits. When you put this lens on a 5dII like the one I use for all my weddings you can shoot all the way through the reception without turning on the flash. It’s a great lens for shooting in a church where flash photography is off limits.