I’ve got a lot of friends and relatives with great blogs (Kitchen Corners and Little Foodie) and I’ve been getting some good advice from them about my blog but now I’d like to ask my blog readers what direction the would like to see my blog go. Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated.

Some questions I have . . .

  • Should my photography advice be more or less technical?
  • Any particular types of photography that you are interested in and want a specific how to about?
  • More weddings? More family pictures? More kids? More engagement or modeling shoots?
  • Any specific kind of wedding photos you want to see (I shoot about 50-60 weddings a year and I only end up blogging a quarter of those.) I think I have seen it all (well maybe almost all. 🙂
  • Any particular wedding location? I think I have shot at 85% of all the spots on Oahu.
  • More landscape photos? I have so many unblogged landscape photos.
  • If you are out there waiting for the next print give away let me know if there are enough of you I’ll get one of those organized shortly.
  • Do typos bug you? Should I spent more time proof reading?
  • Are you a wedding client who would love to see your photos on the blog? Let me know and I’ll post them. 🙂