Audio/Visual Equipment Rental

If you hire me to shoot your entire wedding I can also provide a speaker and projector rental.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a DJ I can provide a sound system for your wedding.  I can also provide a projector and screen for your wedding slide show.

For small beach weddings I can provide a 200W boom box (Aiwa Exos 9)  with bluetooth and battery power.  It’s bigger than most other bluetooth speakers and pretty loud in the 5-10 foot range outdoors.  Indoors it’s loud to about 15 feet.  It’s great for background music as you walk up the aisle at the beach.  I could do in a pinch for a small dance party.  If you really want to rock the dance floor and have access to an outlet you will want to rent my larger speaker below.   Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rental $40


 For your speeches and fun on the dance floor I have 15 inch (Electro-Voice ZLX-15P- 1300w) speaker.  A handheld microphone is included. This speaker plays really loud and is good for groups of up to 100 people. This speaker is so loud that I’ve never turned it up past 5 on the dial. If you hire me to shoot your wedding for 8 hours or more I can include the speaker rental for free. Plug it into your phone, launch your wedding playlist and dance the night away.  Large Speaker Rental $120 

I also rent out a projector and 80 inch screen.  Just send me a copy of your wedding slide show and I’ll have it ready to go.  Indoor weddings only (the screen will blow away in the wind outdoors.)  Projector and Screen rental $60

Also I can give a discount when you rent multiple items at a time.