Waimanalo Bay

Waimanalo is a perfect beach for wedding photography. With white sand and turquoise waters it is an ideal destination for weddings, family photos, or vow renewals. Even though it is only thirty minutes away from Waikiki and has larger beaches, fewer tourists populate its shores. Bellows Field Beach Park and Sherwood Forest are excellent locations for amazing photos and if you’re looking for the feel of Kailua with no crowds then Waimanalo Bay is the place for you.

It is relatively close to Waikiki (20-35 minutes depending on traffic.) It makes for really beautiful pictures. The only disadvantages that I can think about shooting on this side of the island is that it is a little windier than all the other sides. (The east side of Oahu is called the windward side because most of the time the wind is coming from the east. The mountains in the middle of the island block most of the wind to the other sides of the island.